Zindagi Tujhe Salaam formed in 2010 by a group of corporate professionals who, decided to bring revolution in the society, finance, handhold and support genuine grassroots' initiatives targeted at providing education and pushing talent of those of children whose parents can not afford . In the process, becoming the first ever grantmaker and changing the face of society and our country.


As a synergist to bring changes in the lives of children and the whole society who are not privileged, by addressing the real need at the grassroots level and promoting the talent of those children who wish to fullfill their dreams but can not afford to do so. Talent isn’t confined to extra-curricular but also to academics, sports and other fields. After finding the talent we plan to associate them with some experts in the respective fields who are ready to provide their support to us.

1. The maxim of Zindangi Tujhe Salaam is to salute those people who struggled a lot and faced the harshness in their lives and still enjoying their lives with pride.

2. Another objective of the organization is to help those people who are mentally and physically challenged and still meeting up the needs of their family members the daily life.

3. Zindagi Tujhe Salaam promotes to present those section of society who faced hardships in their lives then-to they are living their lives to the fullestand stand as an ideal for society.

4. Motto of Zindagi Tujhe Salaam is to highlight those people who wants to work for the welfare of the society and wants to get involved by in this physically as well as monetary.

5. The aspiration of Zindagi Tujhe Salaam is to flock together the amount from privileged class and bestow among the unpreviliged class.

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